Visualize Enterprise Data Graphically
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  Corey Lanum   Corey L Lanum
General Manager - United States
Cambridge Intelligence


Tuesday, April 19, 2016
01:15 PM - 02:00 PM

Level:  Intermediate

Employees are suffering from information overload. Never before has so much data and information been available to them. But many of the existing enterprise data management systems, based on keyword search and RDBMSes, are insufficient for the job.

This talk will explain how to provide users with better a better enterprise data search solution – based on the graph. Corey will explain the graph data model, and why it is so suited to modern enterprise data. He will describe some of the advantages of using graphs for data discovery compared to traditional keyword search. He will then explain how to build intuitive and scalable solutions that allow users to perform organization-wide data discovery using a graph-based GUI.

Finally, Corey will use live demos to show how graph visualization techniques can empower users to find the access they need sooner, and discover new information when it is required.

What is the graph data model?

Why is it so suited to data discovery tasks?

How can I provide users with an intuitive graph-based GUI?

Which graph visualization techniques will my users need to explore their enterprise data?

Corey Lanum manages the US branch of Cambridge Intelligence, a UK-based data visualization firm. Previous to starting with Cambridge Intelligence, Corey spent ten years with i2, a market-leading link analysis and visualization platform for the public sector. Corey spent years working with major intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies around the globe helping to model data in a way that inferences can be made visually, and has a top secret clearance in multiple countries.

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